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At Lak Nature International, we take pride in the ability to grow, process and manufacture fully traceable, high quality natural food products. Our ever-expanding portfolio of products provides you with an extensive selection that can be used to value added food and beverages. Our innovative products are available in dehydrated, in-brine and powder forms. .
At Lak Nature International, we customize our B2B solutions to cater to your specific needs. We work closely with you to develop innovative products in line with today’s healthy food trends to attract health conscious consumers. We are aware that finding attractive high-quality products for your customers at reasonable prices can be very challenging. To meet this growing need, all our core products are available in bulk form for our B2B customer segment. Our fresh produce from Sri Lanka is chemical-free and sustainably grown. Only the freshest is carefully hand-picked from the field and packed on demand in our local factory, before delivery. We follow a farm to shelf process control ensures that our produce is always top quality and taste great.
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