Katta Smambol
Katta Sambol, also known as Spicy Sambol, is a fiery Sri Lankan condiment made from red onions, red chilies, lime juice, and salt. This intensely spicy sambol is known for its bold flavor and vibrant red color, making it a popular accompaniment to rice and curry.
Health Benefits
  • Red onions and red chilies, the main ingredients in Katta Sambol, contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that can support immune health, reduce inflammation, and promote heart health.
  • However, the high salt content and spiciness should be consumed in moderation.
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Katta Sambol is traditionally served alongside rice and curry dishes, where its intense heat and tangy flavor balance the richness of curries. It can also be used as a condiment for grilled meats or seafood, or as a topping for sandwiches or wraps.

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Red Onions, Red Chilies, Lime juice, and Salt.